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Dina Meyer
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Born and raised in Queens, N.Y., Meyer studied dance throughout her childhood and loved performing on the stage in dance recitals. Her first experience in the entertainment industry came when she did some modeling from ages nine to 16. She knew she wanted to act from an early age and was even accepted into New York’s High School of Performing Arts, but her parents convinced her to follow a more traditional academic path. She majored in Business Administration and minored in French at Long Island University, and attended the Sorbonne in Paris. After graduation, however, she decided to pursue her acting again and studied under Ron Stetson.

Meyer made her film debut opposite Keanu Reeves in the action-thriller Johnny Mnemonic (1995), in which she did almost all of her own stunts, establishing herself as an athletic actress. She went on to star with Dennis Quaid in the feature film Dragonheart (1996), a very physical role but also required her to deal with CGI special effects. In her very next movie, Starship Troopers (1997), she was able to utilize all those skills. Additional film credits inclde a starring role Bats, and a recurring role in the Saw franchise.

Television fans will recognize Meyer from her role on Beverly Hills, 90210, where she played the adulteous professor Lucinda Nicholson, who had a torrid affair with Jason Priestley’s character. She also had a three-episode arc on Friends as Joey’s love interest. Already a favorite among science fiction fans, she starred as Barbara Gordon and her alter-ego, Oracle, in the short-lived series Birds of Prey, which sparked an impressive campaign from its loyal fans to keep the show on the air. She also had a leading role on the late night drama Point Pleasant. Other television credits include Ally McBeal, Six Feet Under, and appearances on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, and most recently Charlie’s Angels.

Meyer currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys snowboarding, rollerblading, and other outdoor activities.

2010  Piranha 3-D
2009  Fatal Secrets
2009  VideoDome Rent-O-Rama
2007  Crazy Eights
2007  Saw IV
2007  Decoys 2: Alien Seduction
2006  Saw III
2005  Saw II
2005  The Receipt
2005  Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough
2005  Crimes of Passion
2004  Saw
2003  The Movie Hero
2002  Unspeakable
2002  Federal Protection
2002  D-Tox
2002  Star Trek Nemesis

2011  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2011  Charlie’s Angels
2011  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2010  Scoundrels
2010  Castle
2010  The Mentalist
2010  NCIS
2009  Burn Notice
2009  The Lost Mira (TV film)
2009  Nip/Tuck
2008  The Boy Next Door (TV film)
2008  Monk

Dolor slit, sed do eiusmod

Dolor slit, sed do eiusmod


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