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There is yet a lot of work to do until the release of the movie. Beside the movie making itself, there is also a lot of meta work to do, e.g. all what is needed around to publish a movie. We need to design a movie poster, we have to enter the data into the movie database and have to register it. We have to prepare the information for the press and TV. Furthermore, we have to register the movie to film festival platforms and distributors as well as to feed all the supporting platforms. It is the same work as it would be done for a cinematic movie from big companies. The only difference is that we don't have the big company and also no huge stakeholder. But without this preparation it is not possible to release such a movie. Means we have to do it for our own. To motivate you fans to support us on this process, we prepared some merchandise products but also blog reports (see menu "BLOG" on the right side here) about the release state and progress. In the blog we will give also step by step some more inside information about making of.

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We provide two designs in our shop where you can choose on countless items like t-shirts, caps, mugs, bags and a lot of other things with different colors. The shop ship these articles worldwide. A third design (the Bug) is in preparation. shop now

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